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Travel Insurance

Redcliffe Cruise & Travel Insurance

Insure yourself and your holiday with Redcliffe Cruise & Travel’s preferred provider, CHI Travel Insurance. At Redcliffe Cruise & Travel, we will help you find the best insurance and peace of mind. From annual cover to cruise travel and even domestic trips, CHI Travel Insurance has a range of travel cover options to choose from.

Why you need travel insurance

A cancelled flight, an unexpected illness, an injury or missing luggage can really put a damper on your holiday. Travel insurance can cover any of these unfortunate events to help relieve your stress and ensure you still enjoy your trip.

We know that things don’t always go according to plan and that’s why travel insurance is so important. As an all-encompassing insurance policy for travel-related mishaps, it can provide a level of cover for medical expenses, lost or stolen belongings and even trip cancellations. We always hope we’re never the ones that will need to make use of the insurance, but you’ll be extremely thankful you have it if anything were to happen that will leave you out of pocket for the expenses or putting financial strain on friends and family who need to help get you home or cover costs.

Even in familiar territory, events can go south quickly. Most of us would never go overseas without insurance, so why should it be any different for domestic travel when the same events are just as likely to occur? And did you know that taking a cruise, either domestic or international, requires a very specific type of coverage? Any medical services provided by ship doctors are not covered by Medicare or your private health provider once you leave Australian waters.

This is why, at Redcliffe Cruise & Travel, we have partnered with CHI Travel Insurance to keep you protected at all times.

CHI Travel Insurance

With CHI Insurance, you can choose between 5 types of insurance depending on what you want covered:

  • Budget
  • Basic
  • Mid
  • Top
  • Top Plus

The type of travel insurance that is best suited for you will depend on your circumstances and that’s where our team at Redcliffe Cruise & Travel can help. We will consider cost, excess and the best financial protection against the broadest range of events that may occur during your trip. We will take into consideration whether you need a domestic or international policy; basic, mid-range or comprehensive policy; a single or multi-trip policy; or even a policy for single travellers, couples, families or seniors.

For more information on what each policy covers, get in touch with your dedicated travel agent at Redcliffe Cruise & Travel today on (07) 3284 5192.

Thank you to the beautiful Tammy who recently booked my holiday. She made everything so easy. I highly recommend booking through her.

– Claire B

We couldn’t be happier with Redcliffe Travel. Their wonderful agent, recently booked our flights to Zimbabwe. Her attention to detail was fantastic! Her communication was outstanding, keeping us updated and even checking in after our return to ensure our travel went smoothly. We highly recommend the team at Redcliffe Travel.

– Julia L

We have just returned from our second holiday organised and booked through Redcliffe Cruise and Travel. It's so comforting to deal with such a professional and caring staff member. Thanks heaps for your outstanding service once again.

– Steve E

The Australia part of our trip has sadly finished. In a word, it has been amazing! We owe a lot to our travel agent, who asked the right questions, gave us insightful guidance when planning this trip and basically ironed out the wrinkles we would have undoubtedly experienced had it not been for her assistance. You will discover that her professionalism and attention to detail is world class and her customer service is second to none.

– Alan B

We had a terrific family holiday arranged by Redcliffe Cruise Travel and we wouldn't hesitate to have them assisting us with our next trip. Because we like you guys! Because you are a local company. Because we like having an agent behind us in the event things go wrong on the journey.

– Sean G

As popular as do-it-yourself travel is and as savvy as we are with all things online, there are some aspects of travel that are much better dealt with through a travel agency and someone who really knows what they are doing. Redcliffe Cruise and Travel are so knowledgeable and experienced in dealing with those aspects of travel that are challenging. It's good to work through someone who knows what they are doing and who take as much interest in you having a great holiday as you do!!

– Nette G

The service provided is always helpful and comprehensive. The booking documentation is always delivered on time to allow checking and to make changes if necessary.

– Beris & Jim B

I have used Redcliffe Cruise and Travel twice now to book our family holidays. We have found the team to be very professional and efficient. They have been very obliging when I have had to ask questions regarding our holiday. We will definitely be using Redcliffe Cruise and Travel in the future.

– Cathleen E

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