Travelling with Kids

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Travelling with Kids

Travelling with Kids

As much as we love taking the kids to see new places, getting them there can be a challenge.

For anyone who plans on travelling with children, especially long distance, here are some handy tips and tricks to help make the trip as easy and as smooth as possible.

Tip 1. Plan, Plan, Plan

No matter where you're going you will need to plan your trip to some extent but when you have kids travelling with you, it's best to make sure everything is planned well in advance.

Book as much as you can in advance. This will save you the hassle and stress of trying to book something last minute, prices being too expensive and the disappointment of missing out if you can't book something.

It is also a good idea to have all your flight, accommodation, transfers, travel agent's details etc on hand just in case you need to get in contact or check something. Being aware of alternate travel options if something doesn't go to plan is also wise such as where the nearest public transport is.

Tip 2. Slow and Steady

Give yourself and the kids plenty of time to get to and from places. When a family is travelling together everything will take a little longer. This includes airport associated tasks, loading and unloading vehicles, checking in and out of places etc. You don't want to be rushing through these things.

Triple check everything and relax. If you are stressed out the kids will notice and that's when things start to become messy.

Make sure you give yourself extra time between activities as well. You want to be able to enjoy your trip, not be rushing through it.

Tip 3. Packing

Most parents want to pack anything and everything to make sure they are covering all bases when travelling. This is great, in theory. Chances are you'll end up over packing, not using half the items and then having to carry around extra unnecessary weight.

Write a list of the things that need to be packed for each person in the family. This will help eliminate the packing of unnecessary items. It is also handy to take the packing list with you to refer back to before checking out of your accommodation to make sure you have everything.

HOT TIP: If the kids are old enough, give them the responsibility of checking each item off the list as they pack their bags. This will make them aware of what they have and make them feel like the have an important role to play.

You can wash clothes! Depending on the length of your trip you may find you are running out of clothes, especially the kids. Most accommodations have laundry's or will know where the nearest laundromat is. This means you can pack less! Try to also pack items that can be re-worn easily or can be interchange to make a few different outfits.

Do your best not to double up on items such as shampoo and condition, toothpaste, body wash etc. These items can be heavy and if you can share one set around you will have more room in you bag for other items.

Tip 4. Include the Kids in the Planning

Kids love being involved and having a say especially when it is about something directly to do with them.

As much as you can, let the kids pick some activities and have a say about the itinerary. This will make the trip much more exciting for them and help ease the discomfort of being away from home.

It is also a good idea to explain the trip to them. Kids don't always understand why things are happening so by explaining where you are all going, what you will be doing and by showing them pictures, they will feel much more at ease.

Tip 5. Food

Food can be a point of contention when travelling especially for kids.

Buy plenty of snacks! Whether you're catching a flight, driving, walking around or even just relaxing, kids will get hungry. Be sure to stock up with their favourites each day but be sure to also include some healthy options and foods that will keep them sustained, after all, travelling can be tiring!

If you're travelling overseas and the food isn't what the kids are accustomed to or you have some fussy eaters, it can be hard to get them to eat. Their palettes aren't as advanced as ours and sometimes they will just want something plain and simple. Give them taste testers of your food especially if its something new, chances are they will enjoy something they try.

Tip 6. Safety

Safety with children is always a priority but even more so when travelling.

Always keep the kids in your direct line of sight. Something you may feel comfortable doing at home may not be a good idea overseas. If you are somewhere where you can buy a wristband do so and write your name and number on it just in case they wander off someone will be able to contact you. This is a great idea if you are at a water park or somewhere similar.

Never leave them alone. Take them with you everywhere.

Try to have a current photo on you of your kids just in case you need to show it to someone in order for them to help you locate them should they go missing.

If your kids are old enough, give them your contact details to carry with them.

Tip 7. Children with Special Needs

If you are travelling with a child who has special needs you may need to plan your trip around this. Unfortunately not everywhere has the same basic requirements to cater for children with special needs or children with a psychical disability.

Talk to us if you have any questions or concerns about booking a trip that will need to cater for your child's needs. It is important to have as much knowledge as possible about the places you will be visiting and staying to help make your trip as smooth as possible.

Tip 8. Flying with Kids

Flying with kids isn't always the easiest of things to do. Kids can get bored, uncomfortable and impatient very quickly.

Take items such as snacks, electronic devices with comfy headphones, a small blanket they are familiar with, their favourite toy, some books and/or colouring activities a change of clothes and a neck pillow to help make the journey more comfortable and bearable for them.

Plan your flight times so you are arriving a destinations during daylight. This will make it easy to navigate your surroundings and the kids won't be as tired. As best you can plan so the kids sleeping patterns are as least disturb as possible meaning they can sleep on the flight or when they arrive at their destination.

If you are having a long layover try and extend it so you can get some rest at a local hotel. This will break up the flights and help make sure everyone has had a good nights sleep.

Contact us if you are looking at booking a trip with the kids and we can help you make it as smooth and stress free as possible.

Thank you to the beautiful Tammy who recently booked my holiday. She made everything so easy. I highly recommend booking through her.

– Claire B

We couldn’t be happier with Redcliffe Travel. Their wonderful agent, Tammy, recently booked our flights to Zimbabwe. Her attention to detail was fantastic! Her communication was outstanding, keeping us updated and even checking in after our return to ensure our travel went smoothly. We highly recommend Tammy and the team at Redcliffe Travel.

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– Alan B

We had a terrific family holiday arranged by Redcliffe Cruise Travel and we wouldn't hesitate to have them assisting us with our next trip. Because we like you guys! Because you are a local company. Because we like having an agent behind us in the event things go wrong on the journey.

– Sean G

As popular as do-it-yourself travel is and as savvy as we are with all things online, there are some aspects of travel that are much better dealt with through a travel agency and someone who really knows what they are doing. Tammy and Redcliffe Cruise and Travel are so knowledgeable and experienced in dealing with those aspects of travel that are challenging. Its good to work through someone who knows what they are doing and who take as much interest in you having a great holiday as you do!!

– Nette G

The service provided is always helpful and comprehensive. The booking documentation is always delivered on time to allow checking and to make changes if necessary.

– Beris & Jim B

I have used Tammy at Redcliffe Cruise and Travel twice now to book our family holidays. We have found her to be very professional and efficient. She has also been very obliging when I have had to ask questions regarding our holiday. We will definitely be using her in the future.

– Cathleen E

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