Tips for Surviving a Road Trip

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Tips for Surviving a Road Trip

Tips for Surviving a Road Trip

Anyone who has ever traveled long distance knows the importance of good preparation. Road tripping can take you to some of the most incredible places, it would be a shame to miss them just because you don't want to make the journey there.

Here are our top tips for making your next road trip a success!


Let's be real, when you're on the road for extended periods of time you tend to eat a lot more than you would at other times. Making sure you have enough food to get you to you next destination is key to avoiding those hangry attitudes!

Pack a small car cooler to store any cold or perishable food you plan on bringing. Sandwiches and wraps are great for lunch and transport easily. Make a selection before hitting the road to save having to pull over.

Snacks like chips are great but you also don't want to feel sluggish when you arrive at your destination. Try to incorporate some fresh fruit, nuts and other healthy snacks such as protein balls or healthy popcorn into your road trip diet.

Be sure to pack plenty of water but also pack some alternate drinks to mix it up a bit. You're bound to make a pit stop or two along the way so don't stress about your liquid intake as keeping hydrated is key!

Music, Movies and More

A killer playlist is the key to any great road trip. Create your own playlist of all your favourites (don't forget the cheesy sing-a-longs) before you leave or pick out a classic road tip playlist from Spotify!

When the music becomes too much, change the pace and put on one of your favourite audio books or podcasts. Find ones that everyone will enjoy or if you want to zone out for a while, plug your headphones in and listen to your favourite one. If audio books aren't your cup of tea, bring a hard cover book with you!

What is a road trip without a movie or two! Download some of your favourite movies onto your phone or tablet and let time pass you by as you immerse yourself into the cinematic universe. Sorry driver, this one isn't for you!

You can't go on a road trip and not play at least one game. Of course you have your standard car games such as 'Eye Spy' but let's change it up and play 'Guess Who', '20 Questions' or 'Would You Rather'.


There's nothing worse than going somewhere and feeling uncomfortable the entire way there. Avoid this by chucking on your comfiest (stretchy) pants, a casual top and shoes you can easily slip on and off. No big coats should be worn in the car, chuck on a comfy jumper or bring a blanket to throw over you.

Don't forget a pillow for nap time! Full size pillows are great if you have room otherwise you can pick up a travel size pillow or neck pillow if you want to save space.

If you are driving during the day time, the sun can become an issue, especially if you have little ones in the back. If you don't have a window cover then a small blanket or sheet tucked into the window does just a good of a job.

Road trips are long but remember to enjoy the journey. If you see somewhere interesting or beautiful, stop the car, stretch your legs and savour the moment.

Car Etiquette

Cars are small, confined spaces and on long road trips people are bound to get on each others nerves at some point. To help avoid this follow these few easy steps to car etiquette.

  • Take Turns Driving
    This is not only the polite thing to do but it is also the smart thing to do. Swap drivers every couple of hours to ensure everyone has a break. We don't want anyone being tired while driving.

  • Hygiene
    Small space, minimal air flow. Be sure to use deodorant and breath freshener. No one wants to be stuck next to someone who doesn't smell great.

  • Stops
    Make sure you use the bathroom if you can at each stop. There's nothing more annoying than having to make several unplanned stops because someone didn't go at the last one.

  • Clean Car
    Start you trip off with a clean car. Vacuum and wipe down the interior of the car before leaving to make sure everyone is comfortable. No one wants to sit in filth. Keeping a small rubbish bag with you will come in handy between stops to put your rubbish into. This will keep it all contained and keep the car tidy.

  • Food
    Try not to bring food with overpowering smells. Things like fish, curries and eggs should be avoided if possible.

  • Fuel
    Fill the tank up before you leave!

Special Items

Have each person in the car pack a small bag of the things they want to keep with them. This could be things like medication, earphones, chargers, their wallet, toys, books etc. This way everyone has their own individual items and can use them when they want to without having to share.

To start planning your next road trip, contact us today!

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