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Popping the Question on Holidays

Popping the Question on Holidays

Proposing to your loved one is such an incredibly special moment and you want to make sure it goes off without a glitch (fingers crossed).

Here are some things to remember if you plan on popping the questions while on holidays!


Making sure the surprise isn't ruined before you get to ask the question is extremely important. The biggest blunder that could be made is if your partner accidentally finds the ring or it falls out of your bag or pocket. To avoid this, pack the ring box into an item of clothing, ideally a pocket with a zipper that is going into your bag or inside something you know your partner won't accidentally open. If you have a secret compartment in your luggage put it in there but make sure it doesn't roll around and rattle inside thus making a noise.

If you're flying somewhere, make sure the ring isn't on your person as you go through airport security. You don't need security patting you down and pulling out the ring from one of your pockets in front of your future bride or groom.

If you know your partner will want to be dressed for the occasion, plan an itinerary for the trip so it is clear what will be worn each day. This way you partner can organise their wardrobe accordingly.


Plan how you want to pull off the proposal so you can get everything organised beforehand. Remember, you want this to be a surprise so try to avoid running around organising things while you're meant to be enjoy a holiday, this will be a dead giveaway that something is up.

Speak with your travel agent if you aren't sure where to go to pop the question or if you are unsure of what options are available during your trip to make the proposal extra special.

Most accommodation providers have proposal packages available. Contact your accommodation before leaving to see if you can book one of their packages or just simply have some champagne in the room on arrival. The little touches count.

In the lead up to the proposal, try and ask you partner questions about things they would love done if they were to be proposed to. Remember to keep it subtle. Determine if your partner wants something simple and intimate, extravagant, if they want family there or people around etc.

If your partner likes to have their nails done then have this organised prior to the proposal. Trust us when we say a high percentage or people being proposed to will want freshly painted nails especially when they take their "I said yes" photos after showing off the ring.

If you want to have this special moment captured, organise for a photographer to be present. They could be disguised as a member of the public, hiding in the background or in on the whole thing, the choice is yours!

If you need other people to be a part of the proposal such as the waiter at a restaurant, a friend or family member or someone else, line this up before the day to be sure everyone knows the plan.

Remember, things might not go completely according to plan. If you are someone who likes to be organised, have a back up proposal plan in place just in case or if you're not, simply go with the flow and propose when the time is right. Regardless if the proposal goes to plan or not, the moment will still be incredibly special and memorable.


Take a deep breath and savour this moment. There is no right or wrong way to propose, everyone is different and everyone will do it differently.

Make sure you have some tissues with you ready to soak up the tears of joy and have an idea of what you're going to say. It's okay if you get nervous and stumble or start to get choked up, so long as you eventually ask the big question you are okay.

If your partner wants this moment captured, having the photographer onsite or someone you have lined up to take photos is a must.

After The Proposal

All has gone well and you and your partner are now happily engaged! Be sure to take some photos of you together and of the ring to remember the moment by and to share with friends and family when you're ready.

You may want to have something special planned for after the proposal like an activity, romantic dinner or something special in the room like flowers and champagne.

Not sure where to go to pop the question? Contact us today to start planning your special moment.

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Thank you to the beautiful Tammy who recently booked my holiday. She made everything so easy. I highly recommend booking through her.

– Claire B

We couldn’t be happier with Redcliffe Travel. Their wonderful agent, Tammy, recently booked our flights to Zimbabwe. Her attention to detail was fantastic! Her communication was outstanding, keeping us updated and even checking in after our return to ensure our travel went smoothly. We highly recommend Tammy and the team at Redcliffe Travel.

– Julia L

We have just returned from our second holiday organised and booked through Tammy. It's so comforting to deal with such a professional and caring staff member. Thanks heaps Tammy outstanding service once again

– Steve E

The Australia part of our trip has sadly finished. In a word, it has been amazing! We owe a lot to our travel agent Tammy Aitchison, who asked the right questions, gave us insightful guidance when planning this trip and basically ironed out the wrinkles we would have undoubtedly experienced had it not been for her assistance. You will discover that her professionalism and attention to detail is world class and her customer service is second to none.

– Alan B

We had a terrific family holiday arranged by Redcliffe Cruise Travel and we wouldn't hesitate to have them assisting us with our next trip. Because we like you guys! Because you are a local company. Because we like having an agent behind us in the event things go wrong on the journey.

– Sean G

As popular as do-it-yourself travel is and as savvy as we are with all things online, there are some aspects of travel that are much better dealt with through a travel agency and someone who really knows what they are doing. Tammy and Redcliffe Cruise and Travel are so knowledgeable and experienced in dealing with those aspects of travel that are challenging. Its good to work through someone who knows what they are doing and who take as much interest in you having a great holiday as you do!!

– Nette G

The service provided is always helpful and comprehensive. The booking documentation is always delivered on time to allow checking and to make changes if necessary.

– Beris & Jim B

I have used Tammy at Redcliffe Cruise and Travel twice now to book our family holidays. We have found her to be very professional and efficient. She has also been very obliging when I have had to ask questions regarding our holiday. We will definitely be using her in the future.

– Cathleen E

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