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Hidden Disability Assistance

Hidden Disabilities Travel

Hidden disabilities are becoming increasing prevalent in our society. Airports by nature are a busy environment and this can be especially overwhelming if you suffer from a disability such as autism, anxiety, dementia or sensory issues. Travel for persons with hidden disabilities can be difficult, almost impossible in some instances. Young children can be particularly overwhelmed which makes travel a very difficult process for the whole family.

Hidden Disabilities Lanyard

Brisbane Airport has developed a way to let their staff know if you or your travelling companion are suffering from a hidden disability and may require extra support. Before you travel you can request a hidden disabilities lanyard and information card to wear through Brisbane Airport. By wearing the lanyard or showing the card you are signalling to the Brisbane Airport team that you may need additional support through the airport process. This may include slowing down the airport process if you are overwhelmed or assisting in reducing the noise, offering assurance and providing as much assistance as possible. The lanyard is helpful when heading through the Security or Passport Control which can become quite overwhelming. The lanyard doesn't ensure that you "fast track" however staff will be alerted that you require special assistance so will point out shorter lines or where possible move you towards the front of the queue. This is not guaranteed however and is dependent on airport traffic.

Dependent on your travel plans it’s also advisable to contact airlines, cruise lines, transfers and other carriers to enquire whether they also have special support available to help you. Living with a hidden disability no longer means that you are unable to travel. The hidden disabilities lanyard is a discreet way for travellers or carers to navigate the airport process.

How to apply for a Hidden Disabilities Lanyard

This handy link will give you further information on the Hidden Disabilities lanyard so you understand the process. Allow at least one to 2 weeks prior to travel to organise all the paperwork.

Brisbane Airport will provide a pack with:

  • A special lanyard
  • Passenger information card
  • Brisbane Airport Accessibility Journey Planner

Currently, the Hidden Disabilities Lanyard is only recognised at Brisbane Airport. If you have connecting or multiple flights at other airports it is recommended to check directly with each airport for similar programs.

The world is a beautiful place and ready to be explored, there are so many services now available to help support those with hidden disabilities to enjoy travel. If you need further information for mobility disability click here.

Just let our team know when your booking your travel if there are any special needs that we may need to consider. Mostly, these are dealt by yourself directly with the operator but email or give us call if you have any questions regarding what may be available.

Thank you to the beautiful Tammy who recently booked my holiday. She made everything so easy. I highly recommend booking through her.

– Claire B

We couldn’t be happier with Redcliffe Travel. Their wonderful agent, recently booked our flights to Zimbabwe. Her attention to detail was fantastic! Her communication was outstanding, keeping us updated and even checking in after our return to ensure our travel went smoothly. We highly recommend the team at Redcliffe Travel.

– Julia L

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– Steve E

The Australia part of our trip has sadly finished. In a word, it has been amazing! We owe a lot to our travel agent, who asked the right questions, gave us insightful guidance when planning this trip and basically ironed out the wrinkles we would have undoubtedly experienced had it not been for her assistance. You will discover that her professionalism and attention to detail is world class and her customer service is second to none.

– Alan B

We had a terrific family holiday arranged by Redcliffe Cruise Travel and we wouldn't hesitate to have them assisting us with our next trip. Because we like you guys! Because you are a local company. Because we like having an agent behind us in the event things go wrong on the journey.

– Sean G

As popular as do-it-yourself travel is and as savvy as we are with all things online, there are some aspects of travel that are much better dealt with through a travel agency and someone who really knows what they are doing. Redcliffe Cruise and Travel are so knowledgeable and experienced in dealing with those aspects of travel that are challenging. It's good to work through someone who knows what they are doing and who take as much interest in you having a great holiday as you do!!

– Nette G

The service provided is always helpful and comprehensive. The booking documentation is always delivered on time to allow checking and to make changes if necessary.

– Beris & Jim B

I have used Redcliffe Cruise and Travel twice now to book our family holidays. We have found the team to be very professional and efficient. They have been very obliging when I have had to ask questions regarding our holiday. We will definitely be using Redcliffe Cruise and Travel in the future.

– Cathleen E

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