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Flight Essentials

Flight Essentials on Long Haul Flights

Let's be real, long haul flights aren't the most exciting part of your trip and sometimes they can hard to handle.

Whether it's the crying baby down the back, the neck pillow you're regretting not bringing or even the hours on end of sitting in the same spot, it can be tough.

Here are some luggage essentials every person should have in their carry-on and some handy tips for flying to help get you through those long journey's.

Carry-on Luggage Essentials

On most flights after checking your checked luggage, you can take 1 item of carry-on luggage to go in the overhead locker and a smaller bag to sit at your feet.

What you pack and which bags you take will be dependant on the airlines weight and size restrictions, so be sure to double check with your airline before getting to the airport.

HOT TIP: Buy a bag scale so you can easily weight your bags at home after packing them and weigh them again at the airport to be sure you aren't over the weight limit. Be sure to check the restricted items and liquid quantities also. Buying some travel size bottles is a great way to make sure your liquids are good to go!

Handbag/Small Backpack

As the bag that will sit at your feet is the most easily accessible, it should contain your most needed items for not only throughout the flight but before and after your flight as well.

Below is a handy list of must-have items to pack in your handbag or small backpack:

Noise Cancelling Headphones/Earphones
Powerbank Charger
Sleeping Mask
Neck Pillow
Lip Balm
Glasses/Contacts and Case (if required)
Face Wipes
Hand Sanitiser
Chewing Gum
Shawl or Small Blanket (some airlines provide you with a blanket)
Hair Ties/Scrunchies
Medication (if required)
Deck of Cards (great for passing time!)

Overhead Locker

The bag you put in the overhead locker will contain your larger and less frequently used items. The less you have to use this bag during the flight the better as it can be awkward and bulky.

Below is a handy list of must-have items to pack in your overhead locker bag:

A Change of Clothes (including under garments)
Change of Shoes (you may want to swap out of your sneakers and into a pair of slides or slippers for the flight)
Plastic Bag (for old clothes)
Beauty Products (if required)
Empty Water Bottle (refill at the airport before boarding)
Charger Converters (if required)
Mini First Aid Kit (be sure to double check and take out prohibited items such as scissors)
Roll On Deodorant
Clear Cosmetics Bag for toiletries


Wear comfortable clothing! Make sure the outfit you choose is comfortable and no restrictive. The aircon on the plane will be cold so layers are great for flying as you can add or subtract depending on the temperature whilst boarding, flying and disembarking.

HOT TIP: If you are wearing closed in shoes, taking a pair of slippers or slides to change into on the plane is super handy for making sure you are comfortable.

Moving Around the Cabin

It is so important, even when flying to keep your blood circulating throughout your body properly. The best way to do this is by getting up and walking around the cabin.

Stretching is also a great way to improve circulation and help with any stiffness or tightness your joints and muscles might be experiencing.


If you;re someone who likes to snack or needs to eat regularly definitely stock up on your favourite snacks before your flight. Most international flights provide you with meals depending on the time duration of your flight but it is always good to have some back up snacks. Generally any food or drink purchased after checking in is allowed to be taken on board.

HOT TIP: If you are on a connecting flight, be sure to double check what you're allowed to take on the next flight.
HOT TIP: Take a packet of chewing gum and a drink if you are prone to or worried about the air pressure affecting your ears. Chewing something or swallowing a drink can help with the pressure build up and ease the pain.


Sleeping on planes can be hard and uncomfortable however it is the best thing to do to not only pass the time but to make sure you arrive at your destination feeling well-rested.

A neck pillow, blanket, eye mask and ear plugs are great items to help you get that much needed shut eye and do it comfortably. Brushing your teeth and using essential oils are also easy ways to help you feel fresh and relaxed.

Timing your sleep prior to your flights is also handy. Jet-lag is not fun and if you can help minimise it by staying as close to your normal sleep pattern as possible you'll feel much better upon landing.


If you plan on doing activities as soon as you land it's best to prepare while you're on the flight.

Changing into fresh clothes, brushing your hair and teeth, washing your face, putting some deodorant and perfume on and drinking water are great ways to feel refreshed after a long flight.

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