Client Trip Review - Nette G

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Client Trip Review - Nette G

Client Review - Baltic Region Cunard Cruise and Europe by Rail

We sat down with Nette G following her return from her 5 week Northern Europe holiday! We talked to her about her experience and asked for her thoughts on the Baltic Region Cunard Cruise and travelling through Europe by rail.

Nette, where did you travel?

The trip covered the Baltic Region via Cunard cruise; France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Southampton, Warnemunde, Helsinki, St Petersburg, Tallinn, Riga and Copenhagen.

Do you have any feedback on the Baltic Region Cunard Cruise?

This 14 day Cunard cruise was part of a longer 5-week trip around northern Europe. It did not disappoint. The ship was fantastic with the most beautiful decor, 5 star service and food that made every minute at sea extra special and most enjoyable even when we were not in some exciting new port. A true queen decked out, the Queen Elizabeth has 12 decks, takes 2081 passengers and 1005 crew; weighs just shy of 100,000 tonnes and is 294 metres long.

Were there any specific evenings, theatre shows or on board entertainment?

The two weeks on board offered four balls including a roaring 20"s night and a Masquerade Ball. Of course going is entirely a personal preference; as is dressing up and dining formally each night. there other options for those evenings when you prefer to be a bit more low key.

Did you participate in any destination tours?

We thoroughly enjoyed the destination tours that we booked. The guides were knowledgeable not just about whatever it was we were about to see but more broadly around history, customs and culture. The choice of destination tours offered by Cunard were varied and plenty. We felt that we were able to choose a good cross section of activities including catering to a mobility issue for one of our party.

What other modes of transport did you use over your holiday?

The Eurail pass was our main mode of transport for the three non-cruising weeks of holiday. It is an efficient way to get around Europe. We purchased the Eurail pass for one month/4 countries, it was great value!

What was your experience?

The fast trains are a terrific way to make the best use of your time on the continent and move around quickly and efficiently.

What was the highlight of your train journey?

As part of the Euro-pass you can access some of the "special" trains in Switzerland and just pay an additional fee. We went on the Glacier Express albeit that we upgraded to Excellence class. This was a "bucket list" item for us and well worth the additional expense. All the superlatives in the world are not enough to express our satisfaction with this day-long journey. The views, the commentary, the supporting information books, the service (5-star) and a 7- course menu served throughout the day. The Glacier Express is no ordinary train.

Do you have any words of wisdom for other travellers wanting to do a similar trip?

  • We should have sent the baggage for the cruise ahead as it was a lot extra to be getting on and off trains. The trains largely do not cater for a lot or large pieces of luggage and sometimes given the few minutes one has and large numbers of people, getting heavy bags on and off the trains (and there is mostly a large gap between the carriage and the platform) is challenging.
  • Heavy bags also mean that you have to find an elevator to go from one platform to another and that often means going from one end of the platform to another and that all takes time and can impact successfully meeting one's connections.

Do you feel the tour companies and hotels met your expectations?

Our Baltic Region Cruise was first class on the Queen Elizabeth - absolutely superior. Euro-rail pass - brilliant!

Click for more photos of Nette's wonderful trip!

Thank you to the beautiful Tammy who recently booked my holiday. She made everything so easy. I highly recommend booking through her.

– Claire B

We couldn’t be happier with Redcliffe Travel. Their wonderful agent, Tammy, recently booked our flights to Zimbabwe. Her attention to detail was fantastic! Her communication was outstanding, keeping us updated and even checking in after our return to ensure our travel went smoothly. We highly recommend Tammy and the team at Redcliffe Travel.

– Julia L

We have just returned from our second holiday organised and booked through Tammy. It's so comforting to deal with such a professional and caring staff member. Thanks heaps Tammy outstanding service once again

– Steve E

The Australia part of our trip has sadly finished. In a word, it has been amazing! We owe a lot to our travel agent Tammy Aitchison, who asked the right questions, gave us insightful guidance when planning this trip and basically ironed out the wrinkles we would have undoubtedly experienced had it not been for her assistance. You will discover that her professionalism and attention to detail is world class and her customer service is second to none.

– Alan B

We had a terrific family holiday arranged by Redcliffe Cruise Travel and we wouldn't hesitate to have them assisting us with our next trip. Because we like you guys! Because you are a local company. Because we like having an agent behind us in the event things go wrong on the journey.

– Sean G

As popular as do-it-yourself travel is and as savvy as we are with all things online, there are some aspects of travel that are much better dealt with through a travel agency and someone who really knows what they are doing. Tammy and Redcliffe Cruise and Travel are so knowledgeable and experienced in dealing with those aspects of travel that are challenging. Its good to work through someone who knows what they are doing and who take as much interest in you having a great holiday as you do!!

– Nette G

The service provided is always helpful and comprehensive. The booking documentation is always delivered on time to allow checking and to make changes if necessary.

– Beris & Jim B

I have used Tammy at Redcliffe Cruise and Travel twice now to book our family holidays. We have found her to be very professional and efficient. She has also been very obliging when I have had to ask questions regarding our holiday. We will definitely be using her in the future.

– Cathleen E

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